Pearl Jam

Live: 10-15-00 - Houston, Texas

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Pearl Jam's second night in Houston is a little short, but a good complement to the first night. The guys make it special by opening with "Oceans," which for the fans is kind of like winning the lottery, since they played it only twice all year. Other not-so-frequent songs include "God's Dice," "Red Mosquito" (because Eddie Vedder has a bunch of mosquito bites on his arm), "Faithful," "Off He Goes," and "Footsteps." The song within "Daughter" is "The Wrong Child" by R.E.M.. This concert once again features that excellent arrangement linking "Lukin" and "Not for You" without a pause in between. It works great and should become permanent. The vocals and drums are still a little distant-sounding, which is probably due to the acoustics of this particular venue. This is a well-balanced mix of material -- a typical second-night set list. The performance is fine, but you can sense they are in just a bit of a hurry to leave town. Vedder comments during the encore about a foul odor in the place, and blames it on two indifferent fans who left after the main set. Overall, although the set is made noteworthy by the "Oceans" opening, it is a solidly middle-of-the-road show -- nothing to get too excited over. The other show featuring "Oceans" -- August 9 in West Palm Beach -- is preferable due to the ocean setting, better sound, and an even more interesting set list than the one presented here. No need to rush to get this one; it's good, but there are plenty of better nights to hear first.

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