Dr. Onionskin

Live & Kickin'

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Dr. Onionskin is a producer and DJ whose influences range from tech-house and acid jazz to drum'n'bass and breakbeat. Live & Kickin' is the document of a live set of music "arranged, recorded and mixed right on the spot" in Australia; it shares with house a certain rhythmic sameyness, and with techno a chilly textural exoticism that at times leads to sounds that evoke the groaning of sick cyborgs ("Good") and at other times the rapping of acid-wasted chipmunks ("Old Skoolin Ya"). Is that a compliment or a criticism? Well, it's both. If you love house, you'll find lots to enjoy here; if you prefer your exotic textures linked with interesting beats, you'll be half-satisfied. But even those who normally find house to be a bit wearing after one or two tracks will likely find themselves hanging on through this album -- Dr. Onionskin doesn't fill his tracks up with gimmicks, but he does know how to drop voices in and out, to stop and start strategically and layer the musical elements in such a way as to maintain interest even when the beats themselves are thudding along predictably. Recommended.

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