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A legendary early L.A. punk band, The Dils never got to record much during their lifetime (three seven-inches), so this posthumous release actually comprises a fair chunk of their recorded legacy. Ten of the fourteen tracks were taken from a cassette recording of a gig circa 1980. The fidelity, as you might expect, is not top-notch, but gets the job done as far as capturing their adrenaline rush. Dominated by singers Chip and Tony Kinman, this actually has a fair amount of harmonies and pop power chords considering the near-hardcore tempos. A chunky cover of Buddy Holly's "Modern Don Juan" is an unexpected nod to roots on this crude but effective set, which includes some considerably different versions of songs they recorded in the studio. The album closes with four songs from a show circa 1977 of distinctly raunchier fidelity and thrashier tempos.