Ebeling Hughes

Little Bugs Glow

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Robert Ebeling and Chris Hughes manage to do something very few other bands in the 1990s have done -- they create music that's spacy and psychedelic (there's a definite Dark Side of the Moon influence here), but still retains the structure and composure of pop. There are moments on The Little Bugs Glow where things get disordered -- organs and samples are cluttered and thrown together haphazardly -- but for the most part, the record consists of three- or four-minute chunks of beautiful blacklight psychedelia, with a vocal presence so carefully managed that it's hard to even notice whether you're listening to a pop song or a long instrumental. Most of the spacier albums of the 1990s require listeners to become comfortable with the fact that they won't hear vocals or pop structures -- they're more in a droning, ambient vein -- but, just as groups like Orbital managed to offer electronica that was still structured and well-composed, Ebeling Hughes manage to evoke Eno-style ambience or Pink Floyd-style psychedelia, along with structure and composition, in the same recording.