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Listen to the Warm

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Listen to the Warm Review

by Greg Adams

Listen to the Warm is an album of Rod McKuen's poems and songs released in tandem with a book of the same name. McKuen recites the poem "A Cat Named Sloopy" over an orchestral bed that quotes bits of the melody from "A Man Alone," and "Round, Round, Round" is a hushed mixture of spoken word and song set to a soft waltz that summons childhood memories of merry-go-rounds and calliopes. "Listen to the Warm" is the most famous song in the bunch, having been recorded by Glenn Yarbrough. McKuen later incorporated the title of the poem "The Ducks on the Millpond" into the song "Kaleidoscope," and that isn't the only example of lines and ideas from poems on Listen to the Warm that later cropped up in his songs. The spoken word content shares much in common with the reflective, melancholy recitations from pop music (Jimmy Dean's "To a Sleeping Beauty," for example), and McKuen's conversational style is easily accessible (as his tremendous success as a poet proves). Listen to the Warm addresses his familiar topics -- cats, loss, loneliness, the seasons, and small pleasures -- creating a quiet and contemplative mood album for listeners predisposed to his unique style.

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1 Rod McKuen 04:14 Amazon
2 Rod McKuen 02:27 Amazon
3 Rod McKuen 02:57 Amazon
4 Rod McKuen 01:53 Amazon
5 Rod McKuen 02:45 Amazon
6 Rod McKuen 02:08 Amazon
7 Rod McKuen 02:11 Amazon
8 Rod McKuen 03:41 Amazon
9 Rod McKuen 01:23 Amazon
10 Rod McKuen 02:39 Amazon
11 Rod McKuen 04:09 Amazon
12 Rod McKuen 01:27 Amazon
13 Rod McKuen 02:16 Amazon
14 Rod McKuen 02:20 Amazon
15 Rod McKuen 01:23 Amazon
16 Rod McKuen 04:51 Amazon
17 Rod McKuen 02:08 Amazon
18 Rod McKuen 01:59 Amazon
19 Rod McKuen 01:56 Amazon
20 Rod McKuen 01:26 Amazon
21 Rod McKuen 02:25 Amazon
22 Rod McKuen 02:42 Amazon
23 Rod McKuen 00:58 Amazon
24 Rod McKuen 01:47 Amazon
25 Rod McKuen 02:38 Amazon
26 Rod McKuen 02:52 Amazon
27 Rod McKuen 03:05 Amazon
28 Rod McKuen 02:25 Amazon
29 Rod McKuen 00:35 Amazon
30 Rod McKuen 02:08 Amazon
31 Rod McKuen 01:20 Amazon
32 Rod McKuen 02:28 Amazon
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