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The Tucson-based band LGB released this album in 1992 and accidentally caused immense confusion. First of all, whether this was an album called Lilith by a band called LGB or an album called LGB by a band called Lilith wasn't clear. (The name of the band was actually LGB, which didn't actually stand for anything at the time this CD was recorded. After the CD's release, the band decided it meant Living Gods Blues Band, but they latter changed the name to Liars, Gods, and Beggars.) The cover design of this CD inclined the unwary to suspect that the band's name was Lilith, which led many people to think that this was a release by the Chicago electronica band of that name. Those who bought the Lilith album by the band LGB got a competent but uninspired album of blues-rock for their money. The main saving grace here is some good keyboard and guitar interplay, but with two exceptions: the songwriting and vocals are bar band quality. The standout is "Moist," a wonderful evocation of sexual passion that begins with a sultry spoken vocal over an insistent guitar and organ line, turns into an appropriately steamy jam, and then returns to the original tune. It sounds more early '70s than '90s, even including the obligatory drum solo, but it's a great song with a perfectly appropriate vocal. The other good cut is the goofy "Sugar Shock," in which love-deprived vocalist Mr. Lee (real name: Lee Lozowick) sings about committing suicide by eating too many doughnuts. LGB needed more than two cuts to make this album a keeper, and they also needed a real name. At least they got that before releasing their next album.