The Lords of the New Church

Like a Virgin [12"]

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This record may be most notable for its cover art, which shows Stiv Bators in a white wedding dress and black pantyhose, held aloft by his bandmates, his legs apart and a key element of his genitalia clearly visible. The song itself is, of course, amusing -- Bators throws in a lot of his trademark "huugh"s, some profane ranting and raving, and a nice big burp at the end -- but really just a novelty. According to guitarist Brian James, it was recorded at the behest of I.R.S. honcho Miles Copeland and without the Lords' rhythm section; instead, Bators and James were provided with a sequenced bassline and drum program to which they added their parts. The B-side features the title song from The Method to Our Madness" and one of the Lords' better non-LP tracks, "Gun Called Justice," which demonstrates that they could have had a reasonable career doing soundtracks for spaghetti westerns.