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"Equally influenced by Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Muse, and Coldplay." That, my friends, is a description that you could foist upon what seems like countless up and coming rock bands circa the early 21st century. And in 2005, another act that fits under this stylistic umbrella appeared on the scene, A'tris. Hailing from Boston, MA, the quartet issued their third release overall in 2008, Lensing, an album that sees A'tris continuing merrily on their fractured alt-pop path. Keep in mind what the aforementioned bands sound like, and you'll know what lays in store for you throughout Lensing -- chiming guitars, standing atop a mountain top wailing vocals, anthemic choruses, artsy fartsy lyrics/song titles, etc. The A'tris chaps certainly have it all down pat, especially as evidenced by such ditties as "Selling Oxygen" and "Automatic Doors," among others. Picture if Radiohead continued on a more mainstream path after OK Computer -- instead of getting all schizophrenic on us -- and it might have sounded an awful lot like A'tris' Lensing.

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