Flies Inside the Sun

Le Mal D'Archive

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This curiously titled New Zealand experimental group goes more into electronic territory on their third album. Where their previous recordings traced the outline of the song rendering it a blurred abstraction of rock, this recording has all the beauty of their distinctive slow-motion music in tact with synthesizer to the fore, and the surprise introduction of a drum machine into their sound is not so much of a surprise when hearing how they abstract it. By expanding their musical vocabulary, the group sustains the challenging forms they like to employ, and retains the most striking factor of their music, which is the intimacy of the air in which they record. Resembling a private sketchbook, their music subtly reveals a music made in honesty, unafraid to exhibit it searching. So when the cohesion comes it means so much more. Another great chapter in this obscure dogmatic scene, that is neither rock, noise, nor improvisation but the underground that produced such exquisite musical moments is a calm but pensive place it seems. When so much experimental music has a violence and rigor behind it, it is refreshing to hear challenging music that slips through the air so fluidly.