Floating Points

Late Night Tales

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Launching in 2003, the Late Night Tales series has served as a unique outlet for artists to curate mixes designed for late-night atmospheres, often offering a window into the artist's work by reflecting their tastes and influences. When the format really works, an LNT mix can almost feel like a supplemental album from the artist who's making it. This is the case with Floating Points' entry in the series. Presented as a continuous mix, producer Sam Shepherd weaves together an intricate mix of dusky jazz, pastel-colored ambient tracks, and orchestral soul sounds from around the globe that begin to mirror the same patchwork of rhythms and vibes that makes up the best of his Floating Points compositions. The set begins with an exclusive track from Canadian drone artist Sarah Davachi. The untitled live piece acts as a palate cleanser, murky drifting clusters of notes clearing the slate for what's to come. From there the mix bounds through slightly psychedelic Brazilian pop from Carlos Walker, jaunty jazz tracks from William S. Fischer and Max Roach, dreamy soul from Sweet & Innocent and the Defaulters, and ambient minimalism and other deep cuts of strangely realized but kindly delivered sounds. The collection flows beautifully from brighter passages to more drawn-out and introspective ones, transitioning from the mellow funk of Alain Bellaiche's "Sun Blues" into tracks of extended, patient ambience from Kara-Lis Coverdale, Azimuth, and Toshimaru Nakamura . An exclusive track from Floating Points himself comes near the end of the set with the gentle electric piano rumination "The Sweet Time Suite, Pt. I: Opening." Much like the Davachi track that began the mix, this song sets the listener back down to earth, closing the book on another late night. Anyone already enamored with Floating Points' sounds will appreciate how much these selections reveal about his creative process. Even without any previous background information, there's lots to enjoy about being immersed in this warm, optimistic sound bath. Presented with a deft talent for flow and transition, Floating Points' Late Night Tales captures the feeling of after-hours reflection brilliantly.

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