L' Ajre

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Silkworm's first official LP is merely decent when compared to what they would end up releasing. Still finding their feet, the land would be a rather smooth one. The Joel Phelps-sung leadoff track, "St. Patrick's Day," begins sparingly with his weary voice and raw acoustic and feedback-drenched electric guitars. Everyone else kicks in with a squalor a minute-and-a-half later, coming up with the closest thing to grunge the band produced. "Homoactivity" is one of the more melodic and outright poppy songs written by bassist Tim Midgett, with nifty double-tracked vocals. If you want a chuckle, there's drummer Michael Dahlquist's "Shithead," a skittish ode to twentysomething confusion. Two telling lines: "All I want now is Sinéad O'Connor's breasts and lips against me in my bed," and "All I want now is some man who'll come and press his lips against me in my bed." What is it then? The grungier bits were all but done away with after this album, as well as the early-'90s indie-style production values. Overall, it's the band's least-developed, least-distinct record. The LP was included with a jumbled track order, minus "Pearl Harbor," on 1998's Even a Blind Chicken Finds a Kernel of Corn Now and Then.