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KZS was Korzus' first L.P in five years, and clearly, the band had decided it was time to make a change to their dependably metallic sound. What is not clear is whether they were shooting for Prong's insular minimalism (noted in the very derivative opener "Internally"), or Pantera's patented monster crunch (hinted at by the riffing style and Anselmo-like vocals of second tune "Sadness"), or even Biohazard's rap-metal hybrid (evident on third track "Lost Man"). Whatever they were after, none of the above elements gelled convincingly enough to produce anything remotely original. In fact, one has to suffer through seven, mostly tuneless excuses for songs lasting one to two minutes, before finding some worthwhile ideas developed into the far more Korzus-like "Beware." After that, it's back to the forgettable minuscule appetizers from before, making for an inevitable final assessment that Korzus sounded like anyone but themselves on KZS -- a disappointing outing to say the least.