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This self-help recording is based on the teachings of Osho, an Indian mystic who developed his own method for achieving deep meditation. Osho's philosophy is based on the simple notion that modern life interferes with one's ability to relax. Without inner silence, one can never purge oneself of the toxins of daily life. In turn, one can never properly meditate and grow spiritually.

The four tracks on OSHO KUNDALINI MEDITATION correspond with Osho's four stages of meditation. The first stage revolves around a gentle shaking of the body. Therefore, composer Deuter uses pulsating marimba patterns to create a wobbly feel to the music. "Part 2" moves into the dance portion of the meditation process. This music is characterized by strumming guitars, throbbing hand percussion, and a strong backbeat. Stage three marks the initial phase of stillness. Here the music shifts to the soft vibration of bells and chimes. Lastly, "Part 4" is made up of pure silence. This is the final and ultimate stage of Osho's meditation. No music or sound is necessary during this phase since, at this point, the practitioner should transcend the external and the temporal.

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3 14:45
4 15:57
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