Yukari Tamura

Komorebino Rosette

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Perhaps best-known for her role as the title character in the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series, Yukari Tamura has made a name for herself musically by providing theme music for her shows, all in an ultra-cute, ultra-juvenile vocal format that fits the show's characters. Left to her own devices for a full album, as in Komorebino Rosette, the result is a mixed bag. The music is outstandingly stereotypical, with relatively little to recommend it over other options in the J-pop realm -- the synthesized string sections are formulaic, and the melodies are the stuff of basic balladry and theme music. The mood is almost artificially and forcefully upbeat, blocking the use of any deeper or less-posed emotions in the delivery of the songs. Tamura almost definitely has some serious vocal skill to be capable of singing with full melodies in a falsetto without vocal breakage or the occasional shriek, but her talent may not be enough to salvage anything interesting in the overall sound. This is standard pop fare, a perfect example of its genre, but it doesn't explore any territory beyond that of a kids show.