Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park


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Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park Review

by Greg Prato

Although it was one of 1978's most-watched made-for-TV movies, Kiss' acting debut, Kiss Meets the Phantom of the Park, is a preposterous, embarrassing turkey of a film. Originally described as a cross between A Hard Day's Night and Star Wars, Kiss Meets completely misses the mark due to a largely boring and unbelievable script, low-quality special effects, and very bad acting. The band was on the brink of breaking up around this time, but filming went on as planned anyway - in fact, drummer Peter Criss' voice was overdubbed by another actor since he didn't show up on the day of voice-overs. The storyline involves a mad scientist (played by Anthony Zerbe) who tries to destroy and torment an amusement park that he was fired from, on the eve of a Kiss concert. Kiss act out the part of superheroes, who battle space-monkey robots and replicas of themselves, and predictably, save the day by the end. Several songs are featured throughout, such as "I Stole Your Love," "Beth," and "Rock and Roll All Nite," but it doesn't save Kiss Meets from suffering a cruel fate. In fact, the band rightfully dismissed the film soonafter it aired, but it appeared as a home video 10 years later due to the insistence of Kiss fans. View at your own risk.