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"Did I say we are Dada? Oh, yes! Dada. Dada. Only Dada." It's this statement that concludes the liner notes to this particular album, and it's a good summation as to what's going on with Kinsei -- Dada, with humor fully present and functioning. True, one can say it's just more noise band craziness from Japan, but there's a sense of giddy hilarity among the album's 16 songs. It's lurking in the murky breakbeat loops, off-kilter clatters, and sampled wind instrument moans; the sudden time shifts; and the evident love of everything from Led Zeppelin stomp to swinging French pop to heavily echoed dub to motorik trance. Not to mention the curious song-for-song notes or the somewhat doctored photographs in the CD tray, but that's not why listeners are here. And indeed, anyone expecting something exactly like, say, early Boredoms is in the wrong place. The core trio of Omoide Hatoba is just as prone to calmish numbers like "Go" and the jazz-sampling "Cool" as they are to crazy rampages like "We Are Hello" and the appropriately titled "Rock'n'Roll Fantasia," which name checks everyone from Uriah Heep to Rip Rig & Panic. Though there are a few barely intelligible screams as things go, there's also a more relaxed though sometimes half-drunkenly hoarse (check out "Japan Dissolution") style. The music need not always be so restrained, though -- thus the start of "Human Tornado," where an initial vocal/guitar snippet suddenly gets crushed by a measured, dissonant, horn-driven freakout thump. While the sheer collage of styles may suggest Beck to some, if there's a comparison point in the end, Kinsei recaptures the spirit of Os Mutantes -- not the earlier group's music, specifically, but the same questing sense of that band to take the world and use it on the group's own terms.

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