Kill Everyone


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Kill Everyone Review

by Rick Anderson

Just as American punk bands will often adopt fake British accents, so British (or, in this case, Australian) industrial and electro bands will often affect a German one. The idea seems to be that a Teutonic inflection will just make things sound that much more cold and nihilistic. Not that you'd think an additional element of frigidity and nihilism would be needed when you've got song titles like "DEADinside," "SkREAMforME," and, most charming of all, "whyWON'TyouDIE!?!," but hey, who would question Novakill's bliss? The good news is that the music itself is refreshingly free of the obviousness and cliché that mar the song titles. Bones and SiK, the two members of Novakill, blend their standard-issue dark electro elements with scattered shards of actual melody and a punk rock edge that adds color and texture to the thudding jackboot beats and oppressive wool blankets of synthesizer that fans of this genre are used to. That's not to say that every song's a winner -- "SkREAMforME" is pretty tedious and "ALICE" isn't much better -- but "BLIND" is definitely worth more than one spin and "westernZONE2005"'s sampled references to "highbrow Eurotrash" are good for a chuckle. Don't miss the generous bonus materials on the CD-ROM track, which include a couple of free synth applications and desktop background images. Recommended.

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