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Kathy McGinty

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Childish, stupid, inane, sexually retarded...vilely, brilliantly funny. That explains the appeal of Kathy McGinty, a disc compiled from the work of an unknown genius with time on his or her hands and access to a reasonable amount of sound software and other technology. The front of the disc case, thanks to a review from Aquarius Records in San Francisco, explains the situation -- the person behind the recordings trolled Internet sex chat rooms for potential victims, using the McGinty name as a come-on to call up directly on the phone. When the desperate fellows on the other end did so, the perpetrator fed the phone line through to a computer or sampler and proceeded to "talk" with them using a variety of prerecorded lines provided either by the person herself or an unknown accomplice. Sometimes conversational, sometimes blatantly sexual (if about as erotic as most generic porn movie soundtrack talk), sometimes utterly ridiculous -- listen for the bizarre gambit about Taco Bell that crops up -- McGinty leads her potential partners into all sorts of idiotic situations. If nothing else, one's opinion of the male gender will be brought low when the various pseudo-super suave love men try to put the moves on McGinty in usually the crudest and stupidest of ways. More than once, victims figure out what's going on -- the ones with the best sense of humor not only laugh but ask what technology is being used to create it -- while, disturbingly, some figure out it's a joke but keep on talking...and more. Meanwhile, McGinty unflappingly chats, groans, and moans away -- and sometimes, when the person behind it all wants to put an end to the charade, does so all at once. Sample track titles say it all: "I'm Jamming It In Deep, Baby" and "Not As Cute As Yours."