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Philippine male rap band Genezide has a lot on its mind and says most of it and then some on 1999's Kasalanan (Sin). Rap isn't very well-known in the Philippines, but there is a dedicated, if small, following, and this album is directed at them. The loquacious Genezide gushes forth a multitude of thoughts, some nonsensical, some serious and with keen societal insight. On "Kapit Sa Patalim" (You Have No Choice), the band ponders the power of money and the freedom it brings; the band is also aware of the corrupting influence of money. On the nonsensical side, on "Aso" (Dog), Genezide gives its definition of "a dog's life" and explores the "rewarding" things about being a dog, such as getting to have sex with a lot of female dogs without anyone bothering them (in the Philippines, there are many stray dogs). Genezide often uses for its musical foundation a slow, repeated urban-styled guitar or keyboard lick, underscored by sympathetic drumming. On "Walang Wenta" (no trans for Wenta) the band uses a pretty, rhythm & blues-inspired string figure. Genezide uses profanity on some songs, but the band isn't gangsta. Kasalanan is a decent rap album.