Kabbalah Blues/Quantum Funk

The Revolution Ensemble

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Kabbalah Blues/Quantum Funk Review

by Larry Belanger

With all of the musicians and members of the ensemble having some form of classical music training, one may expect to experience songs with classical qualities. Some of the songs certainly have classical elements, but Peter Saltzman, who composed all of the songs on the album, has taken elements from other genres and incorporated them into the compositions. This makes for fresh and original material that allows one who is not a lover of classical music to experience the genre in mild doses. The melody for "Oseh Shalom," which is the root of "Prologue," is by Max Helfman and is used with permission from Transcontinental Music Publications/New Jewish Music Press. With a psychedelic jazz essence, the opening track, "Prologue," is graced by Gingi Lahera's melodic and soulful vocals. The many instrumental nuances used throughout the "Prologue" capture the listeners at each twist and turn of the intriguing melody. With an experimental jazz quality at the center of the song structure, one gets to experience a short aural journey into new musical frontiers done by masters of the craft. The melody for "Oseh Shalom is also at the root of the "Finale." The use of Jill Kaeding's talented presentation on the cello gives the melody great depth and breadth. There is so much happening instrumentally on the "Finale" that the listener is virtually blown away by the intense melodic beauty created. Jeff Stitely maintains a soft and masterful presence on percussion, which creates a strong foundation that allows for the magnificent instrumental and vocal expansions. Peter Saltzman and the Revolution Ensemble have come up with the ultimate musical journey and experience on Kabbalah Blues/Quantum Funk. The album finds the ensemble tapping into the groove of contemporary American urban music, the freedom and energy of rock, the improvisational qualities of American jazz, complex song structure, the marvelous tonal color of classical music, and the emotional qualities of blues. The lyrics are expertly crafted representing American life and experiences in vibrant portions. This is an album that ultimately delivers mass doses of listening entertainment, which has so much going on that one will find something new to marvel at with each listen. A must-have for the musician who starts thinking that it has all been done before. This album proves, once and for all, there is much more that can be done if one knows what one is doing and is able to accomplish the technical portion. If one finds it too difficult to achieve a goal, sit back and listen to the Revolution Ensemble -- it doesn't get any better than this.

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