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Just for Laughs, Vol. 2

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AllMusic Review by Andrew Hamilton

Not as funny overall as volume one. Cosby rambles for nearly eight minutes about the idiocy of golf on "The Golfer," and quips about encountering gay men in a public restroom. Comedian/Activist Dick Gregory has more energy than the Cos -- he can make you laugh from his vocal inflections, and his insights on African-Americans called "Confusing" are humorous (but not his best). Foxx's routine "Playing Wild Cards" is quite amusing. Foxx tells jokes, while Cosby and Gregory are monologue comics. Flip Wilson closes with "On Trains and Funerals," where among other things he quips about his first job on a garbage truck at 14 where he made $2 a week and all he could eat, and how he switched the heads on two dead bodies while employed in a funeral home; and you'll bust a gut when tells about the ugly baby on the train.