Mike Plume

Jump Back Kerouac

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In a style of Steve Earle and Bruce Springsteen, this record starts off with "Rust," a slow-building country-rock track that has Mike Plume not as confident in his voice as he could be. Relying at times for some supporting vocals on Trish Wright and others, songs such as "Good Intentions" recall bits of Springsteen's "Spare Parts" and a delivery that could be taken from the classic Guitar Town album by Steve Earle. One of the better tracks is "World Coming Down," a mid-tempo roots rock song. What's most noticeable about the track is how the melody is identical to "The Other Side of Town," a slower traditional country tune Earle would record on El Corazon. The early portion of the record tends to play it a bit too safe. It's also derivative of many early albums from long-term musicians. "Lonesome and Blue" has equal parts country and pop/rock, but the song comes across as rather bland without any defining hook to it. "Sweet Low Rain" has a bit more bite to it, but still falls into the average category. "Back on My Feet," a bluesy and bouncy track, is one of the album's high points. It's also one of the few times Plume lets loose with some obvious passion in his voice. "Walking Home" is another solid track that ends the proverbial side one, a tight roots rock arrangement with some Keith Richards riffs. "Jimmy Funk" would almost be considered a throwaway track until the song slows down for an enjoyable chorus and bridge. It then gathers steam for a rapid 4/4 beat. The Motown soul coming from "I Won't Stand in Your Way" falls a bit flat over six minutes, but it's still a nice style from a bygone era. The bonus and hidden track is an acoustic lullaby that demonstrates that there is far more diamond in this rough than first envisioned.