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Jukka2147.De may not make for the most complex electro listening, but there is no question that Accessory has found a way forward with an accomplished and characteristic hard EBM sound. Jukka2147.De draws together audible influences from such masters as Front Line Assembly and Front 242 at their peak and merges these with modern hard electro reminiscent of Hocico or Suicide Commando, and then marks it all with its own fluid groove. The result is solid and energetic with a strict dancefloor orientation. Sledgehammer rhythms and synth voices hard enough to bruise switch moods easily into more sliding and layered melodies. "Souliner" opens the release with a dreamily layered chorus against and within forced-march rhythms and aesthetics. The stakes are raised from there, as the tempo picks up throughout the release. Accessory does not fall into the trap of building different arrangements with the same voices, formula, and feel. On the whole, each track feels uniquely approached, which is especially noteworthy on a release that is so concerned with delivering on the same energy level. Perhaps it is Accessory's ability to do this that puts Jukka2147.De ahead of many similar releases. "Livehammer" delivers its impact by incorporating a heavily tweaked analog sound, in contrast to "Deadline"'s focus on dance energy with faster solid beats and sensual sliding synth energies that simply do not quit. "Futurewave"'s direct and old-school hard synth sound is mixed with a bit more noise edge. Accessory's methods vary enough to keep the release interesting and energized. Jukka2147.De is a release that does not attempt to achieve too much in terms of tone, and is better for it. Accessory's energy is intense throughout the release and there is obviously something in this act that will demand more attention in future releases. Jukka2147.De may not be groundbreaking as electro acts go, but it is an extremely solid release that should find a home in the collection of anyone claiming to like hard or dance electro.

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