Marek Toporowski

Jasnogórska Muzyka Dawna: Musica Claromontana, Vol. 14: Ciemne Jutrznie

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Jasnogórska Muzyka Dawna: Musica Claromontana, Vol. 14: Ciemne Jutrznie Review

by James Manheim

This disc is part of a series that for the most part gives world-premiere recordings of music unearthed at Poland's Jasna Gora monastery -- a collection spanning several centuries and very much representing an attempt to keep Poland's musical heritage alive during times of foreign domination. Accordingly, the collection has something of a pioneer spirit -- you don't know quite what you're going to encounter next. It's a bit hard for non-Polophones to tell from the all-Polish track list (and the punishingly small print in the booklet doesn't help), but the program here presents music for Holy Week services compiled from plainchant and music by various composers of, perhaps, the 1770s. Unlike with most of the other discs in the series, most of the music, for one or more soloists and small orchestra without chorus, here isn't actually Polish. A good deal of it, in fact, is by Haydn (the Stabat mater of 1767), arranged and retexted by one O. Michal Zygmuntowski. This project doesn't come off especially elegantly, but the rest of the music, some of it by another Austrian named Joseph Riepel and some by Franciszek Perneckher, manages a pretty good approximation of the toned-down Italian opera style Haydn and plenty of other Austrian composers, including his brother, used for sacred music around this time. Thanks to fine, lively historical-instrument performances by the 11-member Concerto Polacco, the disc is listenable even if the music doesn't quite make a case for having been rescued from the mists of history.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 Marek Toporowski 02:32 Amazon
Chant for Holy Thursday
2 Marek Toporowski 04:02 Amazon
3 Marek Toporowski 02:40 Amazon
Chant for Holy Thursday
4 Marek Toporowski 03:18 Amazon
5 Marek Toporowski 01:56 Amazon
6 Marek Toporowski 02:46 Amazon
7 Marek Toporowski 02:35 Amazon
Chant for Good Friday
8 Marek Toporowski 04:58 Amazon
9 Marek Toporowski 01:32 Amazon
Chant for Good Friday
10 Marek Toporowski 03:27 Amazon
11 Marek Toporowski 01:32 Amazon
Offices for Holy Saturday
12 Marek Toporowski 05:19 Amazon
13 Marek Toporowski 02:30 Amazon
14 Marek Toporowski 01:58 Amazon
Offices for Holy Saturday
15 Marek Toporowski 05:14 Amazon
16 Marek Toporowski 03:28 Amazon
17 Marek Toporowski 07:50 Amazon
18 Marek Toporowski 02:31 Amazon
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