57 Waltz

Janet Margolin/Ensockulated

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Loose, lo-fi production, off-key vocals, silk-screened insert, and a band trying to do their best Modest Mouse/Pavement imitation without crossing the line of completely ripping them off. This is definitely a Kill Rock Stars single, from their Mail-Order Freak singles club no less. Presumably recorded in their practice basement, 57 Waltz are a house of cards waiting to fall, with both songs coming across as if they were improvised while the microphones were accidentally turned on. This also provides a mental image of the singer, voice cracking, looking down at the lyrics scribbled all over his notebook. Whether any of this is intentional or not, 57 Waltz pull it off in a way that would have probably sounded bad if "Janet Margolin" and "Ensockulated" were recorded professionally.