Jamie/Guyden Doowop Collection, Vol. 1: Doop-Doo-Wah

Various Artists

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Jamie/Guyden Doowop Collection, Vol. 1: Doop-Doo-Wah Review

by Greg Adams

A follow-up to The Jamie/Guyden Story, Jamie/Guyden Doowop Collection, Vol. 1: Doop-Doo-Wah focuses on the doo wop offerings of the Jamie, Guyden, and Landa labels from the late '50s and early '60s. Jamie was best known for Duane Eddy and had no identifiable sound beyond that. Consequently, the styles are varied even within a targeted compilation such as this one, from white Italian-American vocal groups to girl groups to R&B. Many of the selections are so obscure as to be unknown even to serious collectors, and more than a few had to be mastered from rare, less-than-mint 45s with poor results. Some highlights include the Pentagons' gorgeously orchestrated "Until Then," which showcases lead singer Joe Jones' penchant for adventurous phrasing, Billy & the Essentials' endearingly earnest "Maybe You'll Be There," as well as rarities by known groups such as the Sharps and the Heartbeats. Five tracks overlap with The Jamie/Guyden Story, which is a much more hit-oriented package; even for the groups that had hits, Doop-Doo-Wah includes B-sides or non-hits instead. The Pentagons' "I Wonder" is one bona fide, though minor, hit that made the cut. There are also several previously unreleased recordings, including the Five Chords' rockin' "Crazy Rock." The rough sound quality and marginality of these often deservedly unsuccessful recordings make Doop-Doo-Wah a package for serious doo wop collectors only. Despite the title's suggestion that more volumes would follow, no sequel has appeared.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
1 The Inspirations 02:14 Amazon
2 The Intentions 01:48 Amazon
Larks 02:57 Amazon
4 Anthony & The Sophomores 02:23 Amazon
Continental Gems 02:28 Amazon
6 The Sharps 02:32 Amazon
The Creations 02:21 Amazon
8 The Pentagons 02:23 Amazon
Clickettes 02:32 Amazon
10 Ernie & the Halos 02:40 Amazon
11 Allen / Tony & The Wonders 02:16 Amazon
The Four J's 02:23 Amazon
The Fantasys 02:43 Amazon
The Butlers 02:16 Amazon
15 The Heartbeats 02:56 Amazon
16 Billy & the Essentials 01:53 Amazon
The Pentagons 02:26 Amazon
The Five Chords 02:12 Amazon
19 The Stompers 02:42 Amazon
The Four-Evers 02:02 Amazon
21 Clickettes 02:40 Amazon
22 The Webs 02:06 Amazon
23 Anthony & The Sophomores 02:48 Amazon
Little Steven & the Disciples of Soul 02:02 Amazon
The Butlers 02:37 Amazon
26 The Pentagons 02:24 Amazon
The No Names 02:01 Amazon
The Five Chords 02:25 Amazon
29 Sundials 02:59 Amazon
Dandevilles 02:07 Amazon
31 Allen / Tony & The Wonders 02:41 Amazon
32 The Sharps 02:11 Amazon
33 The Inspirations 02:20 Amazon
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