Erik Bosgraaf

Jacob van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-hof (The Flute's Garden of Delights) [Selected Works]

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Jacob van Eyck: Der Fluyten Lust-hof (The Flute's Garden of Delights) [Selected Works] Review

by James Manheim

With three full-length discs included, it may seem surprising that this set of 79 pieces for solo recorder represents merely "selected works" from the complete set called Der Fluyten Lust-Hof (The Flute's Garden of Delights), but so it is -- there are 140 pieces in all, and the whole set would require seven or eight CDs. Music of this kind was a staple of the well-off Dutch household of the late seventeenth century -- virtuosic, but within the range of the average amateur who diligently applied himself or herself. The pieces are dances, Dutch songs, tunes from Italian madrigals or cantatas, or abstract melodies, usually varied a few times; their composer was Jacob van Eyck, a Utrecht carillonneur and recorder virtuoso. The primary market for this release from Holland's "if some is good, more must be better" Brilliant label would seem to be libraries; even supercommuters might find three discs' worth of solo recorder music a bit taxing, and an excellent single-disc performance of van Eyck's recorder music by Swedish recorder player Dan Laurin is already available. Those who are really, really into it should get this box, however; the booklet is as exhaustive as the program, delving into van Eyck (including his carillon tuning methods), the musical life of Utrecht (a great old map of the center of the old city appears), the general principles of the music, the sources and twists of each individual piece, and secondary literature; there is also an interview with the performer, Erik Bosgraaf. He uses no fewer than 13 different recorders, each tuned to a slightly different frequency. That might irritate the pitch-sensitive, but the set as a whole does provide a thorough introduction to one kind of music that might have been wafting through the air in the scenes Vermeer painted, and there is a solitary quality of free inspiration to the music that draws you in the more you hear it.

Track Listing - Disc 1

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Der Fluyten Lust-hof
1 Erik Bosgraaf 00:41 Amazon
2 Erik Bosgraaf 02:25 Amazon
3 Erik Bosgraaf 02:22 Amazon
4 Erik Bosgraaf 02:08 Amazon
5 Erik Bosgraaf 05:14 Amazon
6 Erik Bosgraaf 01:57 Amazon
7 Erik Bosgraaf 01:39 Amazon
8 Erik Bosgraaf 04:36 Amazon
9 Erik Bosgraaf 01:53 Amazon
10 Erik Bosgraaf 02:45 Amazon
11 Erik Bosgraaf 03:15 Amazon
12 Erik Bosgraaf 00:50 Amazon
13 Erik Bosgraaf 02:30 Amazon
14 Erik Bosgraaf 04:53 Amazon
15 Erik Bosgraaf 01:15 Amazon
16 Erik Bosgraaf 01:12 Amazon
17 Erik Bosgraaf 03:50 Amazon
18 Erik Bosgraaf 02:10 Amazon
19 Erik Bosgraaf 05:52 Amazon
20 Erik Bosgraaf 04:10 Amazon
21 Erik Bosgraaf 02:51 Amazon
22 Erik Bosgraaf 03:16 Amazon
23 Erik Bosgraaf 01:47 Amazon
24 Erik Bosgraaf 02:02 Amazon
25 Erik Bosgraaf 01:56 Amazon
26 Erik Bosgraaf 02:52 Amazon
27 Erik Bosgraaf 01:31 Amazon
28 Erik Bosgraaf 04:49 Amazon

Track Listing - Disc 3

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Der Fluyten Lust-hof
1 Erik Bosgraaf 00:44 Amazon
2 Erik Bosgraaf 01:51 Amazon
3 Erik Bosgraaf 02:37 Amazon
4 Erik Bosgraaf 03:31 Amazon
5 Erik Bosgraaf 03:00 Amazon
6 Erik Bosgraaf 02:12 Amazon
7 Erik Bosgraaf 02:47 Amazon
8 Erik Bosgraaf 01:43 Amazon
9 Erik Bosgraaf 01:54 Amazon
10 Erik Bosgraaf 00:38 Amazon
11 Erik Bosgraaf 02:50 Amazon
12 Erik Bosgraaf 01:44 Amazon
13 Erik Bosgraaf 03:29 Amazon
14 Erik Bosgraaf 02:16 Amazon
15 Erik Bosgraaf 04:10 Amazon
16 Erik Bosgraaf 05:38 Amazon
17 Erik Bosgraaf 02:05 Amazon
18 Erik Bosgraaf 02:18 Amazon
19 Erik Bosgraaf 03:55 Amazon
20 Erik Bosgraaf 03:48 Amazon
21 Erik Bosgraaf 04:35 Amazon
22 Erik Bosgraaf 04:53 Amazon
23 Erik Bosgraaf 01:31 Amazon
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