Steve Camp

It's a Dying World

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It's a Dying World Review

by Darryl Cater

This early Steve Camp album remains one of his darkest. Recorded in England, It's a Dying World bears the sort of vitriolic urgency which is often reserved for political activist albums. Camp, however, sees politics as part of the problem he's combating. "We've tampered with committee meetings, political functions, socio-economic concern groups, but we've yet to tamper with the Almighty God," he writes in the liner notes. Camp was feeling pretty Orwellian when he released this album (in 1984, as it happens), and he's also suspicious of science and technology: "Einstein said 'we are people of improved means, but of little impact.' Learning to live longer, we've ceased to live well. Technology has become our Christ." His candidly grave outlook is refreshing in the Christian Contemporary Music industry, which as a whole is very fond of sunshine imagery. Unfortunately, Camp's liner notes are generally written more intelligently than his strongly worded synth-and-growl rock songs.