Into the Woods

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Into the Woods brings together more lovely instrumentals and vocals from Caleigh, the four-woman Celtic band of Bemidji, MN. In this skillful group, Dee Furfaro brings in the underlying percussion and bass as well as clear, lucid lead vocals. Lenore Siems ably plays fiddle, viola, and mandolin, while April Larson contributes Celtic harp, guitar, mandolin, and flute. Deb Steinbar completes the gathering with harp, keyboard, tin whistle, plus harmony and lead vocals. "Flowers of Edinburgh and Drowsy Maggie" is a skillful rendition, with a very smooth transition between the two melodies. "Irish Christmas Eve/Trip to Windsor" is another traditional-style instrumental featuring fast-paced fiddle. And while virtually every Celtic group does "Si Bheag Si Mhor," Caleigh gives it their own distinctive strings-enhanced flavor, in a particularly melodic and well-paced variation that falls gently on the ear. Both casual listeners and regular Caleigh fans will be glad of this addition to their repertoire, and want to hear it again. On the vocal front, "Sir Eglamore" is your knight versus dragon tale, with a twist, and a ludicrous chorus. Liltingly and catchily performed, listeners may well find themselves singing along before the final chorus. So here's a worthy follow-up to their first album, Branching Out. It will leave their audiences hoping that Caleigh members can coordinate their very active family lives to allow them more studio time, for creating further releases.