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Intermedium from One2Two

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The German radio art/electronica label Intermedium was born out of the media arts festival Intermedium 1 held in November 1999. With the second edition of the event (two years later), the label decided to release a two-CD sampler presenting the 13 productions released in the course of this first phase of existence. Intermedium From One2Two offers a generous cross section of the words-meet-music approaches put forward by the label: hörspiels, techno music with sampled voices, and contemporization of familiar voices and texts. Each disc begins with a previously unreleased track, the "themes" for the first and second festivals. One can hardly dispute the track selection; Console's "Welche Farbe Hat Mariah Carey?" (from Soundstories/Materialmeeting), Kid 606's "Speak" (from One Word One Sound), and Sparks' "Concerto in Koch Minor" (from the very twisted Günther Koch Revisited: Voll in den Mann) are among the most listener-friendly and best cuts from their respective albums. The three short "rule" pieces from the Samuel Beckett-related CD . . .The Whole Thing's Coming out of the Dark act as a leitmotiv in disc one, reminding listeners that between Console's catchy rhythms and Jennifer Minetti's hilarious but dead-serious poem made of quotes from soccer commentator Günther Koch, they haven't changed albums. A good primer.