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Rancid's sixth album, Indestructible, starts off with a melodic blast of punk intentions, "Indestructible," and doesn't back down until the last chords of "Otherside," a heartbreaking ode to the late brother of Lars Fredericksen, fade away. In between are 17 songs that live up to the glorious reputation of one of the great punk bands of any era. Yeah, there ain't nothing new going on here: a little bit of ska, lots of politics, lots of pissed-off vocals (speaking of vocals, Tim Armstrong just keeps getting better and weirder with each album), lots of passion, and lots of melody. Songs like the anthemic "Fall Back Down," "Memphis," and "Born Frustrated" are the kind of songs that make you want to throw your arms around your nearest comrade and belt out the chorus at the top of your lungs. Songs like the red-hot ska-fueled "Red Hot Moon"; the funky ode to the homeless, "Stand Your Ground"; and the spaghetti western-inspired "Django" show off the band's range. "Start Now" is the track that stands out from the rest; it has one of the band's best choruses and is a perfect blend of their epic and melodic tendencies. The only downside of the album is the slow ballad "Arrested in Shanghai," which is an admirable attempt at expanding their sound which nevertheless is a failure. There are also a couple of punk-by-the-numbers tunes, like the fairly plodding "David Courtney" and the silly "Roadblock." (It seems like the Lars-sung songs are the weak links on the album.) Overlook these small problems and this is still prime Rancid. If you know Rancid and love Rancid, you will love this record like an old friend. If you are new to the band, get this and then get And Out Come the Wolves immediately.

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