Incredible Expanding Mindfuck

Incredible Expanding Mindfuck Have Come for Your Children

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A sort-of companion piece to Arcadia Son, Incredible Expanding Mindfuck Have Come for Your Children consists of six untitled compositions deriving from the 1999 sessions that resulted in the other album, further treated and reworked two years later in preparation for release. The longest of the tracks -- a full 35-minute monster -- is in fact a heavily reworked version of the song "Arcadia Son" itself, extending its tendencies toward dub echo and seriously stoned pacing toward insane levels. The flute overdubs and echoes alone, not to mention the seemingly endless guitar solo that rises up and down throughout just about the entire song, make for a truly gone experience all around. Then again, only the most hardcore Steven Wilson fan would want this album, which was the point -- it was only issued in two limited runs, a sure sign Wilson knew who exactly this would appeal to most. The other tracks on IEM Have Come feel like further extensions or remixes of the main track, for the most part -- similar rhythms, further tweaked and twisted in the mix, similar haunting drones and moans swathed in heavy amounts of echo, and so forth. Further differences appear in the relative prioritizes of sax or guitar solos or synth arrangements, but at the heart of nearly every track, however buried, is still that same gently loping beat. The end of the album provides a bit more variety -- the next to last track consists of heavily distorted drum hits for the most part, possibly the same as the ones used on the other cuts but without any of the subtlety there, mixed with horn and guitar performances. The final cut, meanwhile, combines hammered dulcimer and mellotron-produced choirs for a minimal, quietly captivating conclusion to this effort.