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The great spinoffs from the late, incredible Leatherface continue. First guitarist Dickie Hammond formed Doctor Bison and released a hot EP and a pretty good 7". Then singer/guitarist Frankie Stubbs finally got a track of 1994 band Pope released on the Best Punk Rock in England, Son compilation, but split the band before it could release its LP in the can (Pope John Paul Ringo George); Stubbs has now released a solo 7" that would be great to find. Now here comes a new band including drummer Andrew Laing, whose debut single is up there with Doctor Bison's work. While none of these post-Leatherface recordings can touch what they did together -- that never happens when a band is that great -- that they are all still making exciting records is still pretty surprising. Stubbs himself chips in on this single with his usual storming production, making everything loud but crisp as hell, and both the A-side and the two flips, "Under the Ladder" and "Find Me a Way," take off like rockets at lucid tempos, kicking and smashing tunefully, with one great chorus after another. The funny thing is that after a decade of being totally outclassed by American punk, the Brits are making the cream of this old genre; in fact, they're making it sound as new and hot as ever. But because Melody Maker and NME and the rest of the press are too busy with their Brit-pop dreams to give the U.K. punks more than an occasional small article, despite healthy draws in the halls there, the inspired English scene isn't widely known over here. But with singles like this, it's worth bugging the import shops to special order one for you, particularly if you're a Leatherface fan, 'cause this will be a bitch to find.