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Impulse Review

by Theo Kavadias

It is rare to come across releases that sport a classic electro style while bringing a new sound to the genre. When it does happen, the experience is like gold. ReWork's Impulse is one of these releases.

Impulse's sound reveals exactly how in tune ReWork is with their machines. Impulse is straight EBM, using solid synth sounds that are sharp and clean, with minimal auditory clutter. Only a few synth voices form the bulk of Impulse -- and this may have been a problem, if ReWork was any less accomplished. As it stands, Impulse is a solid electro release that is at times reflective ("Pulse"), upbeat ("To Our Remains," "Civilization), or directly addressing the dancefloor ("Solid Nation"). Over the concrete synthesis, vocals refreshingly sport minimal distortion. Tracks are not usually densely layered, or even detailed, as is the style of acts such as Index or early haujobb. Impulse instead is more reminiscent of earlier Front Line Assembly, circa Tactical Neural Implant, but worked over with a 2000s electro sensibility. Impulse stands full and complete, and the catchy compositions will definitely appeal to fans of the genre.

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