Trey Gunn

I'll Tell What I Saw

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Anyone who has been closely following Trey Gunn's long recording career is well aware of the fact that he has not been an easy artist to categorize. The experimental musician/composer has contributed to jazz-rock fusion, electric avant-garde jazz, and progressive rock, but he has also contributed to different types of electronica (ranging from ambient to drum‘n'bass, aka jungle) as well as to world music (expect to hear some Indian, Celtic, and African influences on this collection). So it isn't surprising that I'll Tell What I Saw, a two-CD best-of that was assembled and released in 2010, is all over the place stylistically. The collection spans 1993-2010, touching on earlier albums like 1993's One Thousand Years, 1996's The Third Star, and 1996's Live Encounter in addition to 2008's Music for Pictures and 2010's Modulator; that is a 17-year span, and I'll Tell What I Saw (which is largely but not exclusively instrumental) makes it clear that in the course of 17 years, Gunn was not afraid to try a wide variety of different things. Gunn is not the sort the artist who would be content to play one particular type of music exclusively, and I'll Tell What I Saw reflects his restless nature and his eclectic outlook. But at the same time, this is a consistent listen; 7d Media, overall, does a fine job picking some of the more essential highlights of Gunn's long recording career. I'll Tell What I Saw is easily the most appropriate starting point if one has never acquired a Gunn album before.

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