The Blow Monkeys

If Not Now, When?

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The self-released If Not Now, When? is U.K. sophisti-pop combo the Blow Monkeys' fourth studio album since re-forming in 2007. Written and produced by bandleader Dr. Robert, the record is part rock and part swing, with saxophone, guitars, and drums still recalling classic Blow Monkeys but not sounding like they're trying to emulate their past. Dr. Robert has said that the record was influenced by early rock & roll icons like Eddie Cochran, most detectably on the album's first single, "OK! Have It Your Way," which features a still smooth vocal delivery and an anachronistic baritone sax. Glam influences are more obvious on the album, such as on "The Sound of Your Laughter" and the T. Rexy title track, and multiple walking basslines round out a sound that's retro-charged without being disjointed.