Kinetic Dissent

I Will Fight No More Forever

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One of those albums that's really more interesting than good, Kinetic Dissent's lone release, I Will Fight No More Forever, attempted to shove an intriguing, eclectic, and sometimes downright strange assortment of disparate musical elements into the already dead and decomposing carcass of thinking man's thrash. Even worse, like the mutant children of Anthrax and Death Angel set loose inside a library, or raised reading dictionaries, Kinetic Dissent were far too busy penning high-concept lyrical treaties, both straightforward but incredibly boring (see "12 Angry Men," and "Reworked") and mind-bogglingly philosophical ("Social Syndrome," "Novocain Response"), to dedicate enough time to developing their vastly subpar songwriting instincts. Not surprisingly, the typical sonic end results on hand were invariably confusing and unsatisfying; their token attempts at arranging fluidity inevitably marred by unexpected tempo changes, irrational chord progressions, and, quite frankly, sheer lack of talent. After all, it's not like other sonic eccentrics such as Faith No More and System of a Down haven't made beautiful music out of equal measures of schizophrenia. Anyway, opener "Cults of Unreason" was one of the rare instances where the band's deficiencies didn't derail the song entirely, and the title track's cryptic narrations, tribal rhythms, and exotic eastern flavors seemed impressively (if inadvertently) precognitive of post-grunge alt-metal. But all it took to shatter one's hopes for true originality was the arrival of a pack-chasing period gimmick like the funk-metal mess "Melanin" -- oh well. Because of all this, I Will Fight No More Forever has gone down as a mere period curiosity, rather than the unique and idiosyncratic work it might have been.

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