I Love My Computer

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Presumably with a straight face, Emma Davidson (aka Lektrogirl) presents something of a novelty record, a curiosity the minute it jumped out of the starting gate. In much the same way DMX Krew (which sounds like a symphony by comparison) revels in '80s lo-fi sterility, Davidson places her dry keyboard front and center, almost defiantly. Churning out pinched little anthems through limited recording facilities, her style of music caters to a particular audience who believes there's a record for every conceivable occasion. In this case, perhaps the occasion is "watching sloppy German existentialist children's films about octopus clothing." For those who enjoy the Liquid Sky soundtrack, here's something similar -- though perhaps a little more "commercial." There are so few elements, its simplicity makes this something of a punk record relative to the label's typical output. "Comengo Commando" jams stiffly like an opening theme to a Soviet Claymation cop show, and "Progressive Euro Track" makes similar attempts at sounding edgy or serious in the face of its limitations. "Peeks and Pokes" is a waiting-room jingle for a Korean animal adoption agency. So many tracks here bubble and fizz in the same nerdy fashion, the similarities make the album almost creepy. It feels like a joke on the label's devotees, who will likely put up with it even if they don't understand (Rephlex breeds this sort of loyalty). I Love My Computer is designed to furrow the eyebrows into confused pretzels, as it offers little explanation. For some listeners it's a diamond in the rough; to others it's simply "rough."

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