Hypostatic Ground

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This 7" EP offers two examples of the level of craftsmanship the Finnish duo MNEM can achieve. The artists work with reel-to-reel recorders and analog manipulations, a refreshing method in the digital age. It gives a more organic feel to their music, not to mention a creepy aura. For ambient drones, these are harsh tunes, but for noise they feel rather soft, so pick your point of view. "Grund Auf der Erde" begins with a storm of white noise, from which emerges a soft tone. "Erdreich Unter Tage" is more interesting because it leaves the process clearer without turning into an exercise. A clanking loop (machinery perhaps?) provides the backbone and is augmented with eerie echoing sounds, each one carefully placed. Loops, harsh sounds, tons of tape echo -- listeners stand on unusual grounds. If you like the retro feel of early industrial, this will interest you. This was released on black vinyl in a first edition of 250 copies, packaged in a hand-scratched sleeve with a pasted photograph.