Tribe of Cro


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Aurally envision Hawkwind meets Gong and Ozric Tentacles on the astral plane. They pull together a Latin American, flamenco, head trippy groove. Guitars are dominant as synth birds invade the recording studio, swooping in and out in a Tim Blake/Tomita attack. This is a whirling dervish delight with ample jammin' guitars and space noodlings. Hear Monster Magnet flirting with Hawkwind again. Mucho heavy guitars here to peel your cerebral paint. A laid-back, space rock, groovefest. Title track "Hydroculture" flays your neurons with old LP static flowing into mean guitars over that ever-present synth forest of sounds swimming in your head. "And the Ants Marched (On)" wins the vote for the most Ozric Tentacles-like cut. These tunes extrude your grey matter nicely. "Bagalute" adds a bagpipe for the most unique trance rock piece you may ever hear as you look around for Clannad or Horslips. This is more Balkan or Serbian, dancing-in-the-Urals kind of folk-trance rock. This is heavy psychedelia for the swaying loonies on the permafrost tundra.