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Because Edition 59 is a tiny German imprint, figure that most American indie fans won't be aware of, let alone find, the 3" CD EP by this D.C. outfit. But it's worth tracking down. It's a debut out of the ashes of the cut-down-in-their-prime-after-only-one-short-LP Julie Ocean, who were comprised of four '80s/'90s capitol vets like High Back Chairs' and Velocity Girl's Jim Spellman and Tree Fort Angst's Terry Banks. The latter and Julie Ocean bassist Hunter Bennett continue on in Dot Dash (named for a hot 1978 Wire single, much as "Julie Ocean" was a 1981 Undertones 45), joined by 1992-1993 Swervedriver drummer Danny Ingram (who goes back to the 1981 Dischord hardcore era's Youth Brigade) and ex-Modest Proposal guitarist Bill Crandall. It's still Banks' singing and spirit, so the end product is more uptempo, rockin', catchy pop, if a little less heavy, and more fresh-faced. Their infectious, bouncy, romping feel comes off like a less punky Libertines on "Hurrah" and "Seconds in a Day," while the more measured "That Was Now, This Is Then" is even better. The three tunes suggest a superb complement to today's younger Slumberland roster (note, Banks was on the label 19 years ago, in St. Christopher) could be coming if they can make it to an album this time.