House Music

Richard Youngs

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House Music Review

by Dean McFarlane

The obscure Scottish experimental musician takes his wayward experiments a step further with this release on the obscure Japanese Meme label. Specializing in the unorthodox, Richard Youngs has made recordings with the noise of radios, Casio organs, and kazoo prior to this, but House Music features the strangest instrument he has yet performed on. The title may lead one to expect late-night high-energy electronica, but it should be known that it is named in the most literal sense. With recordings of slamming doors, creaking floors, and all nature of scratching and banging, Youngs explores the architecture of his home as a musical instrument on this 1998 release. The apartment is a kind of resonator box, and surely assures this album's place as a minimalist classic, though this is not done with all the avant-garde seriousness one might expect. Knowing well the absurdity of such an act, Youngs presents a delightful display of humor and invention not often found in experimental music. Once again, this obscure outlaw breaks all the rules and keeps the results entirely compelling and musical, despite the curious nature of the source.