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Fresh from his series of Prototype mixes for Global Underground, Seb Fontaine joins forces with another recognizable brand, Perfecto, for his double-disc Horizons mix. Relative to his Prototype mixes, Horizons is rather straightforward. Fontaine throws down one mammoth progressive house track after another, drawing you in quickly with his emphasis on relentless, multi-layered tracks. On both discs, he begins with standout tracks, the "X Press 2 Mix" of 16th Element's "Warp" and the "Futureshock Mix" of Green Velvet's "Lala Land," respectively. These tracks sweep you away within minutes, and Fontaine maintains the momentum with each subsequent track, occasionally throwing in a pleasant surprise like the "Tim Deluxe Mix" of Layo & Bushwacka's "Love Story." These surprises are few, however. For the most part, Fontaine favors similar-sounding tracks that are difficult to differentiate. This consistency results in a feeling of numbness -- one unrelenting wall of big, dark rhythms after another with few moments of intermittent calmness. Toward the end of each disc he raises the intensity level an extra notch with tracks like Devilfish's "We Got the Phonk" and Gaston & Rowell's "Summer Skies," tracks that seem downright earth-shaking. Throughout Horizons, Fontaine certainly sticks with what has worked so well for him in the past, cutting-edge progressive house. Gone are the progressive trance finales of his past mixes, and perhaps for the better since Horizons is a much more subtle yet, at the same time, muscular mix than his past work. It's proof of his continual growth as a DJ and his keen sense of the changing times.

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