Thompson Twins

Hold Me Now [Vinyl Single]

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This German maxi-single essentially consists of a 20-minute extended mix of "Hold Me Now," one of the brightest techno-pop hits produced during the Thompson Twins' afternoon in the sun. The mix is divided into the two parts. The first is a remix of the song that features the complete content of its verses and choruses. It takes a while to warm up. The advantage of 12" extended mixes (which have, of course, all but disappeared in the era of compact discs) is the opportunity it gives the band to play with its original three-minute pop creation. The best examples are those that suggest a sort of alternate universe version of the song, a "what if we took the road not taken" re-imagining. But the ten-minute re-imagining of "Hold Me Now" heard on the first side of this single takes more out of the radio edit than it puts in. Several harmonies and synth layers have been removed. The only thing worse listening to is an acoustic piano solo that doesn't begin until the last 60 seconds. The second side of the single contains "Let Loving Start," which expands the piano solo a little and repeats the chorus over and over, straining its catchy irresistibility to the very limits of its capacity. Definitely not for the casual fan.