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Lorenz Brunner's first album as Recondite, On Acid, deweaponized acid. The squelching, high-pitched bass sound of the Roland TB-303 synthesizer-sequencer was converted to gentler, sadder tones that sounded like they were lightly plucked or sensitively struck. After its release, Brunner continued to release 12" EPs for a handful of labels, including his own Plangent, as well as Ghostly International -- no stranger to releases of pared down, melodic, and emotive techno that works in private and public settings, such as Lawrence's Spark EP. For Hinterland, also on Ghostly, Brunner dispenses with acid, yet he retains the downtempo approach across 49 minutes, enhanced with field recordings from his Bavarian hometown. He also picks up the pace a bit -- as on the swift digital single "Stems" and "Abscondence," the latter of which contains a gorgeous, slightly tangled music-box melody -- though the overriding intent seems to be for headphones and small spaces. Briefer tracks such as "Rise," "Floe," and "The Fade" seem to have been made with just as much attention to detail as the longer tracks that naturally attract more attention. The dominant somber mood lifts occasionally for the juicy "Riant," with a soft and bright melody, while "Leafs" has the faintest touch of sweetness, like a wisp of meringue. Hinterland's wider range of sounds and finer details make it even more impressive and enjoyable than Brunner's full-length debut.

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