Christian Seibert

Hindemith: Piano Works

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Hindemith: Piano Works Review

by James Leonard

Maybe not the greatest recording of Hindemith piano music ever released -- either Ivo Janssen's vigorous and virtuosic 1990 recording of Ludus Tonalis or Glenn Gould's eccentric but compelling 1966 and 1973 recordings of the three sonatas surely claim that award -- Christian Seibert's 2005 recording of Tanzstücke, In einer Nacht, and Third Sonata is nevertheless a fine supplement to the short shelf of great Hindemith piano recordings. Seibert has the steely fingered technique, the finely honed tone, and the acutely intellectual agility to articulate Hindemith's hard-edged counterpoint and sharply pointed irony. The five movements of his Tanzstücke are alert and infectious, particularly the racy "Pantomime"; the 15 movements of his In einer Nacht are sarcastic and romantic, especially his grindhouse "Foxtrott"; and the four movements of his sonata are flamboyantly severe, above all the concluding Fugue that climaxes with one of the most powerful strettos since Bach. Although not for fans of Schubert or Schoenberg, Hindemith's piano music deserves to be heard by anyone who enjoys modernist music, and Seibert's disc is both a splendid introduction and a wonderful addition. CPO's sound is vivid and immediate, but a shade on the cool, dry side.

Track Listing

Sample Title/Composer Performer Time Stream
Dance Pieces (5) for piano, Op. 19
1 Christian Seibert 02:18 Amazon
2 Christian Seibert 01:27 Amazon
3 Christian Seibert 03:05 Amazon
4 Christian Seibert 05:28 Amazon
5 Christian Seibert 01:31 Amazon
In einer Nacht (Dreams and Experiences), 14 short pieces for piano, Op. 15
6 Christian Seibert 01:16 Amazon
7 Christian Seibert 01:03 Amazon
8 Christian Seibert 01:29 Amazon
9 Christian Seibert 04:22 Amazon
10 Christian Seibert 00:46 Amazon
11 Christian Seibert 00:55 Amazon
12 Christian Seibert 00:50 Amazon
13 Christian Seibert 01:14 Amazon
14 Christian Seibert 01:11 Amazon
15 Christian Seibert 01:54 Amazon
16 Christian Seibert 01:13 Amazon
17 Christian Seibert 00:56 Amazon
18 Christian Seibert 02:27 Amazon
19 Christian Seibert 03:18 Amazon
Piano Sonata No.3 in B flat major
20 Christian Seibert 05:06 Amazon
21 Christian Seibert 03:12 Amazon
22 Christian Seibert 05:21 Amazon
23 Christian Seibert 04:33 Amazon
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