High Speed Digital Spirit Processing

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Somewhere between the sharp, laid-back electro of Haujobb's Solutions for a Small Planet and the minimal dancebeats of X Marks the Pedwalk is High Speed Digital Spirit Processing, the second work by Pax. High Speed Digital Spirit Processing at times feels a bit like trance techno, but never gets too close to the genre borderline (as acts such as Negative Format have). This blend is no surprise, given that Pax is the collaboration of Sevren Ni-Arb of X Marks the Pedwalk fame (constantly flirting with techno influences) and Heiko Daniel of Eco (a very solidly electro act). High Speed Digital Spirit Processing's relaxed feel may not prove an intense listening experience with every track -- there are more than a few which demand attention. The blend of harder electro and techno influences is the success of tracks such as "Drip" and "Acolyte," which has also been reworked by Dark Illumination and remix masters Funker Vogt for this release (the latter itself worth hearing the whole release for). The delicate balances of "The Providence" and smooth faux vocals of "Tempted Rose" offset this energy. The end result is a relaxed yet upbeat electro sound, at once smooth and sharp, which Pax uses to hit every mood. High Speed Digital Spirit Processing is a solid electro release worth investigation by any fan of electro-industrial music.

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