Insane Clown Posse

Hell's Pit, Pt. 1

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The loose concept called "The Dark Carnival Story" ends here with the sixth joker's card, Hell's Pit. If cheap suburban rap albums about chopping people up aren't your thing, you've probably ignored this magnum opus the whole way, but for those who care, the 13-year project that started with Carnival of Carnage ends with a fizzle, dear Juggalos and Juggalettes. Turns out -- Spoiler Alert! -- we're all going to put the goat head on and go to hell, but there are a couple laughs along the way, a sentimental remix, and a couple bonus DVDs to take with us on our descent. Despite the maudlin liner notes ("Each joker's card is somebody's favorite, somewhere, and that's enough to give them life"), the Insane Clown Posse sound tired of the concept, only getting inspired when they've moved on from it. The opening ten or so tracks don't push the "story" ahead much, but a couple of them can appeal to all those who don't own the average Juggalos' two-week rotation of T-shirts (there are new "hatchet men" earrings for the Juggalettes, by the way). Shaggy 2 Dope has always seemed to be 75 percent of the group's talent, but Violent J gets the best track for a change, "Suicide Hotline." His exchange with the hotline worker is lively and fun, and when his girlfriend interrupts his desperate call, it's hilarious (J: "Hey baby, before you go...," Juggalette: "I know baby, bring the blunts," J: "[Snicker]"). "Truly Alone" breaks away from the usual "this demon popped out of the earth and I was blinded" stuff, which is good news. Better still, "Bowling" cops Madonna's "Justify My Love" beat, adds bowling alley noises, and ends up displaying some quirky/fresh ideas. Then the album spirals down into the same-old, same-old. How Juggalos can hear "I like to suffocate people/And break their necks" and not groan with boredom is unfathomable at this point, but it's easy to see why they'd go crazy for the closer. "Real Underground Baby" is the big 13-minute Megamix, covering the band's long career with a suitably cheap booty beat. It's the only moment that brings some finality to this whole convoluted joker's card thing, and any outsider who hears it will wonder if they've been missing out on something all these years. Probably not, but it's nice goodbye gift to the fans. End spoilers. [This edition of Hell's Pit is Pt. 1 and includes the same CD but a different bonus DVD than Pt. 2. This bonus DVD includes the 3-D mini-movie Bowling Balls and a pair of 3-D glasses.]

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