Heavens to Mergatroid


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Heavens to Mergatroid Review

by Nitsuh Abebe

Although he's not nearly as monochromatic as someone like Steve Albini, Shimmydisc founder Kramer tends to produce every album he touches in much the same way. In certain cases this is a bad thing, but it definitely helps Heavens to Mergatroid -- Weld's squelching power-chords and rhythmic shouting are actually separated from the mass of other indie bands with the same sound by Kramer's drawling, reverb-laden approach. There's also a pop dedication in the record's songwriting that keeps things appealing -- when Weld softens things up on tracks like "Lando" or brings out the hooks on "Candle Wax," they manage to get a few steps past their sound and provide some semi-appealing melodies.