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Remember grunge? Remember how it took over the airwaves and blotted out every other kind of rock? How many of those bands can you remember in 2006? Nirvana, Pearl Jam, maybe Soundgarden or Mudhoney. What happened to the hordes of wannabes who quickly donned flannel, cranked out sludgy Big Muff riffs, and signed major label deals? The same thing that likely will happen to Every Move a Picture. Like the hordes of new wave revivalists popping up on every major and indie label, the San Francisco quartet have the dark suits, the angular haircuts, the upfront bass lines, an over the top vocalist, ringing, heavily processed guitars, slick synthesizers, and songs that split the difference between Joy Division and the Chameleons. What they don't have is much to separate them from the pack trying vainly to nip at the heels of the Killers, the Bravery, and Franz Ferdinand. In fact, they sound more inspired by these bands than by the original new wave bands of the '80s. Their debut record Heart=Weapon might sound good to someone who never heard of Joy Division or Josef K, it might even sound good to someone who never heard Interpol's first record or Hot Hot Heat. More likely, though, the lack of hooks, enthusiasm, and excitement will make the record a less than satisfying listen for anyone who picks it up, whether they have heard any of these bands or not. Their inability to come up with a single moment of originality means that Every Move a Picture will likely find out what happened to the grunge washouts much sooner than they might wish.

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